Monday, June 15, 2009

Differences of Social Media Sites/Digital Portfolio

When I compare the Plaxo/Linkedin to Myspace/Facebook there are many differences. I feel professional based sites as Plaxo/Linkedin are useful for the working professional to network with employers, businesses and people affiliated with work. These social networking sites are not covered with random surveys, and comments. It has the appearance of professionalism. On the contrary Myspace/Facebook is more of a relaxed social networking site. For instance, Myspace can have downloaded music from the latest Hip-Hop group with pink glittery stars as the back drop. Which can look great with the pictures downloaded of the great time sipping beer in Cabo. Facebook on the other hand is I think the better of the two. This site is relaxed, but at the same time has a professional feel to it and can be used for school, networking, communicating with coworkers, professors and personal friends. The feature they all have in common is the ability to search and find people to make a connection with them whether it be for professional reasons or for fun.I like the google sites digital portfolio. I think this site is the most beneficial of all the networking sites. If done properly it can look great. I will need to improve digital portfolio before I send it out, but I feel I have made a good start. I can send my link when I am applying for a job and it will represent who I am and all my qualifications. I also think this shows to an employer that I am willing to take the time to create a portfolio for their convenience to get to know who I am better as a prospective employee.

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