Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The Delicious web site is an excellent tool to use to organize my websites that I frequently visit and to discover new ones. Because there are so many websites on the Internet I may never click on ones that could be really helpful for me. The idea of a website to categorize all other websites for easy accessibility is really smart. The way Del.icio.us works is first create an account and login. The home page is easy to understand and start by bookmaking my sites and using tags, which are words to describe my bookmarks. The tags can be words such as, guitar, games, design, food or education. The tags will sort my favorite bookmarks so I can find them quick and easy. Next to the bookmarks in a small blue box is a number. This number indicates how many other people have bookmarked this site. The highest number I saw in the blue box was 1679. This type of networking can do wonders for a website, especially if it is a business. Delicious is also a social website. I have the ability to share my bookmarks with other users and they can share their bookmarks with me. Sharing bookmarks with one another can be beneficial because when people work together more can get accomplished.

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