Friday, May 29, 2009

web 2.0

I was looking at the web 2.0 link provided through moodle and I found it to be a big information, networking search engine. It is a good tool to use if you know what you are looking for and a way to explore knew sites. Also, it does enhance the lines of communication among people who can respond about a product that others are searching for.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News feeds and google docs

My experiences so far with the two new technologies introduced to me this week are promising. I don't think I have used them to their fullest potential and resources, but I think through exploring I can really be able to use them successfully. The news feeds I thought are fun to read especially because I was able to choose what I think is interesting to be sent to me. How I think my blog line account will be useful to me in my career is I can have access to news, stories and antidotes which I can discuss with students. I also can introduce this site to students and create school assignments for them. Which we can discuss what they read during class or through blogs.
As for google docs I can just do the basics and create a document for now. What I think is cool about this technology is document sharing. Being able to contribute to other users documents or having someone contribute to my own will make proofreading a document easier. Feedback or constructive criticism is nice to receive from a professor or fellow student. How I think google docs will be helpful to me in my career is if I was able to incorporate this to my curriculum in the future. The spreadsheet I think will be useful if I was able to keep the stats of the players I coach for recruiting purposes. Also the spreadsheet can be used for budgeting the athletic program and to record the spending of funds allocated for physical education.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My comments on 3 technology articles

I do not own a iPod. I have never even downloaded anything on one either. Needless to say the iPod is great and now instead of it just being something to listen to for musical pleasure or watching movies. It can also be used for educational purposes. In the article "History To Go Why iTeach with iPods" explains how convenient it is for grad students to use their iPod to record references with iTalk mikes in the library and also with the audio voice note function. This may sound difficult, but the students explain more people use this function, is the most useful and the easiest to use. The second article is concerned with the Australian Public Libraries. In order to keep up with modern communication levels the Queensland Opal Training Project explored inexpensive and practical methods. These technologies will improve online services and be more inviting for the younger generations. The last article I read is "Using Podcasts as Audio Learning Objects. Posting digital sound to the web and other mobile devices. One aspect I found interesting was the how podcasts can be used for the visually impaired. What better way for modern technology to promote education. Then to be more accessible. The podcasts can be recorded and listened at anytime and anywhere. Connivance is always a great selling point.
What I think all these articles and technologies have in common is they all promote positive educational tools for the student and teachers. If a person is a little computer literate they will be able to use all the gadgets mentioned. I don't think these new inventions will take over class time with the professor or become a nuisance, but I think these modern tools will make learning more fun and interesting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

twitter mania

I officially am a twitter head. I created my account and I can micro blog. My thoughts on it are still a little unclear. It was really easy to use and sign up. I found out I had some friends who use twitter and I chose to follow them also. I learned a new term today and it is twit goo. Not only is this word sound funny all to itself, but it is a way to share images on twitter. I think before school started I would have never been a blogger or a micro blogger, because I was hardly on the computer. Since I have begun school things have changed and I spend most of my day on my laptop. So, I think once I get into the groove of using it all, I think I will have fun with it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

first time user

I am venturing into unknown territory and posting my first blog. I also have just started Kinesiology. I was a anthropology undergrad student at Fresno State and I am excited to begin my journey in this wonderful field. Our first week assignment was to read the articles about blogging and watch the utube segment. Just to prove what a novice I am at this. I will confess that I didn't know the origin of the word blog , the existence of micro publishing and term blogospheres are also known as blogging communities.
What I did appreciate from this is I understand the relevance and importance of blogging and how it's social currency promotes within in order for the blogging sites to sustain itself. On another note, I myself, have been a victim of this and it is called shyness and insecurity. Bloggers who at one time suffered from these same symptoms, can now speak freely and express themselves with out being completely nervous of speaking out in a classroom setting.