Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Digital Portfolio Site

This is the link to my digital portfolio. It still needs a little work. I am trying to figure out how to delete content in the side bar...for some reason it leaves my deleted items there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Podcast RSS Feed from Podcast Alley

RSS Feeds

I subscribed to Google Reader and discovered RSS Feeds. This information tool can be useful to me because I have access to articles and also suggested articles to me through a friends network. I also have linked my blog to google reader so I can share with my friends what I have been blogging about. I could apply this technology to my class because everyone can share with one another and write about certain articles they have read. This information sharing is creative and will be useful because of the wide variety of topics that are made available.

Differences of Social Media Sites/Digital Portfolio

When I compare the Plaxo/Linkedin to Myspace/Facebook there are many differences. I feel professional based sites as Plaxo/Linkedin are useful for the working professional to network with employers, businesses and people affiliated with work. These social networking sites are not covered with random surveys, and comments. It has the appearance of professionalism. On the contrary Myspace/Facebook is more of a relaxed social networking site. For instance, Myspace can have downloaded music from the latest Hip-Hop group with pink glittery stars as the back drop. Which can look great with the pictures downloaded of the great time sipping beer in Cabo. Facebook on the other hand is I think the better of the two. This site is relaxed, but at the same time has a professional feel to it and can be used for school, networking, communicating with coworkers, professors and personal friends. The feature they all have in common is the ability to search and find people to make a connection with them whether it be for professional reasons or for fun.I like the google sites digital portfolio. I think this site is the most beneficial of all the networking sites. If done properly it can look great. I will need to improve digital portfolio before I send it out, but I feel I have made a good start. I can send my link when I am applying for a job and it will represent who I am and all my qualifications. I also think this shows to an employer that I am willing to take the time to create a portfolio for their convenience to get to know who I am better as a prospective employee.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Library Thing

I checked out the site Library Thing and I attached the link to my blog. I added a couple of books to my page that I have read. The site is really interesting because it suggests books for me to read by the content of the ones I have posted and also connects me to people who have read the same books as me. I can talk to people on the site who share the same interests in books and also read reviews on the books I want to read. I like this site because everyone can be a book critic and express their opinions. This site will be better when I am not so busy with school. I really don't have time to read a book other than school books for now.

fun images

The images I found are fun to play with. There are sooo many to choose from. I like the little ninja. He's cute. When I have more time I am going to try to post another one.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keeping Up With The Technology

I think it is important to keep up with the latest computer technology. Librarians are feeling the pressure to do the same. Libraries are finding it difficult to keep up with this computer age because the lack of funding for the adequate resources and the public does not have the same necessity for libraries like they did in the past. Take for instance the audio book website I looked at. This site had books that I could download and listen to. All I have to do is download them on my little device and I can listen away.
I was trying to keep up with technology and was looking at the podcast website trying to download a podcast to my blog page and I couldn't figure it out. I was listening to different podcasts about Kinesiology. There were many different shows from all over the United States I could choose from.
The Technorati page I found to be interesting. This page has every blog topic imaginable. I blog searched Kinesiology and found 432 results. The tag words associated with Kinesiology were muscle testing, sports, education and herbalist. The photos I saw about Kinesiology were of human skulls. The videos I looked at were titled Anatomy & Kinesiology for Dancers and Muscle Testing.
I like YouTube. I chose a video that is silly and fun to watch because I thought it would be entertaining. There are so many to choose from I can see how a person can get hooked on YouTube, especially if they loved to watch and post their own videos.
The Movement Analysis Software looks really useful and interesting. I have been having trouble with it, because I can't open the video in the software so I can analyze and do the measurements.
So much of my life revolves around my computer. I use it for school, shopping and talking with friends through various sites. I couldn't imagine life without it. This is why I think it is important for me to keep up with computer technology.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Delicious web site is an excellent tool to use to organize my websites that I frequently visit and to discover new ones. Because there are so many websites on the Internet I may never click on ones that could be really helpful for me. The idea of a website to categorize all other websites for easy accessibility is really smart. The way works is first create an account and login. The home page is easy to understand and start by bookmaking my sites and using tags, which are words to describe my bookmarks. The tags can be words such as, guitar, games, design, food or education. The tags will sort my favorite bookmarks so I can find them quick and easy. Next to the bookmarks in a small blue box is a number. This number indicates how many other people have bookmarked this site. The highest number I saw in the blue box was 1679. This type of networking can do wonders for a website, especially if it is a business. Delicious is also a social website. I have the ability to share my bookmarks with other users and they can share their bookmarks with me. Sharing bookmarks with one another can be beneficial because when people work together more can get accomplished.