Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News feeds and google docs

My experiences so far with the two new technologies introduced to me this week are promising. I don't think I have used them to their fullest potential and resources, but I think through exploring I can really be able to use them successfully. The news feeds I thought are fun to read especially because I was able to choose what I think is interesting to be sent to me. How I think my blog line account will be useful to me in my career is I can have access to news, stories and antidotes which I can discuss with students. I also can introduce this site to students and create school assignments for them. Which we can discuss what they read during class or through blogs.
As for google docs I can just do the basics and create a document for now. What I think is cool about this technology is document sharing. Being able to contribute to other users documents or having someone contribute to my own will make proofreading a document easier. Feedback or constructive criticism is nice to receive from a professor or fellow student. How I think google docs will be helpful to me in my career is if I was able to incorporate this to my curriculum in the future. The spreadsheet I think will be useful if I was able to keep the stats of the players I coach for recruiting purposes. Also the spreadsheet can be used for budgeting the athletic program and to record the spending of funds allocated for physical education.


  1. I think the google doc's are really helpful for students as well as teachers and coaches. The news feeds are great! I had never heard of them before, but it definitely makes things easier.

  2. Thats a great idea to creat assignments for students around the newsfeeds. That way, you can incorporate web2.0 tech into the work of the students in certain classes, and then they are becoming educated on new ways to use the web at the same time! Great idea with that integration!

  3. I also loved the feature on bloglines that allows you to recieve new information on specific topic. What a great new source for research papers and to keep tabs on new and important events pertaining to issues of interest. News feed will help save alot of time and help us to be more effective researchers. Mahalo for your insights!
    We are only beginning to skim the surface of technology!