Saturday, May 16, 2009

first time user

I am venturing into unknown territory and posting my first blog. I also have just started Kinesiology. I was a anthropology undergrad student at Fresno State and I am excited to begin my journey in this wonderful field. Our first week assignment was to read the articles about blogging and watch the utube segment. Just to prove what a novice I am at this. I will confess that I didn't know the origin of the word blog , the existence of micro publishing and term blogospheres are also known as blogging communities.
What I did appreciate from this is I understand the relevance and importance of blogging and how it's social currency promotes within in order for the blogging sites to sustain itself. On another note, I myself, have been a victim of this and it is called shyness and insecurity. Bloggers who at one time suffered from these same symptoms, can now speak freely and express themselves with out being completely nervous of speaking out in a classroom setting.

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